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Post by xxbearxx on Thu Nov 03, 2011 4:53 pm

-Ingame Name: Xxbearxx

-How old are you: 16

-Why do you want to be staff: it's a awesome Rsps, i love to help out in any way possible, and it would be an honor.

-Do you have any previous experience being a staff member on another private server (name the server): yes, Mithscape (admin)
Deathly souls (mod) and Boomscape ( co owner) (offline)

-How long do you play Poison Pk daily: I originally play about 4-5 total hours, except on Sundays, because of work.

-When did you start playing:about 3 weeks ago.

-Why do you think you deserve staff more then others:I don't put myself over others, i just think it would be a good experience.

-Who recommends you for staff: Nobody, I'm applying on my own.

-What skills could you provide to the server/community (Are you good with Coding, GFX or anything else?): I helped code Deathly souls, maybe Midnight could let me code the pool at MB Razz

-How good is your grammar: I rarely use slang.

-Do you have a Skype? If so list it here: yes, Piggylol1

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XxbearXX's Mod app. Empty Re: XxbearXX's Mod app.

Post by Midnight on Thu Nov 03, 2011 8:36 pm

I will read this and when we get 15+ players i will look at other peoples as well.


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