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Tony's Application Empty Tony's Application

Post by Tony on Sat Oct 29, 2011 3:06 pm

-Ingame Name:


-How old are you:


-Why do you want to be staff:

Basically is to tend to players needs and wants and help them whenever i can whereever i can. I've played a similar server as this for 2 months so i'm familiar with this. I don't break rules and never been muted, ban, jail etc. once before in any server. I give everyone respect as much as i respect myself.

-Do you have any previous experience being a staff member on another private server (name the server):
Administrator on Nividia, Moderator on Rs-returns, MogulWar, Fakescape, Death-scape(currently still mod).

-How long do you play Project Divinity daily:

Play usually at least 6 hours up to 12 or even more depends on which day is it.

-When did you start playing:

Today. I've played at least 13 hours as for today. (29th October 2011)

-Why do you think you deserve staff more then others:

I never cross my mind thinking i'm better then others.

-Who recommends you for staff:

I'll be honest on this. No one, i'm doing this on my own free will.

-What skills could you provide to the server/community (Are you good with Coding, GFX or anything else?):
I'm a junior coder and learning in progress.

-How good is your grammar:

I speak fairly good english. In-game i never swear you can trust me on that.

-Do you have a Skype? If so list it here:

Yes i have skype. Arcepella, feel free to add me.


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Tony's Application Empty Re: Tony's Application

Post by Midnight on Sat Oct 29, 2011 10:30 pm

thankyou for posting this nice post Smile


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